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Hello! My name is Wes

Over the past 5 years I’ve worked with dozens of startups and helped them grow their businesses and create a wealth of happy customers!
I offer everything your early stage business needs to get your idea to market. I’ll help validate your business model, create beautiful UI & UX prototypes and build your Web or Mobile application MVP. All without breaking your bank!

Validate Business Model

“Build it and they will come” doesn’t always work out the way we’d like. You have to get out of the office and talk to your customers! I know its daunting, but I’ll be your wingman and help you with those awkward first dates.


Beautiful UI & UX Prototypes

We’ve all seen a silky smooth and beautiful app. But well before the drama of code, they started as a UI/UX prototype. I work with you to come up with a design your customers will love. By the end you’ll get what looks like a functioning application!


Startup Development

YES! You’re taking the training wheels off and pulling the gloves out- It’s go time! With your MVP built and tested, it’s time to set course for the long term. I take a backseat advisor approach as you take the helm and captain your ship to glory!


Web & Mobile MVP Development

Okay I admit it! You’re the brains and I’m the brawn! I’ll pump out the code while you focus on the business. With daily check ins you’ll be updated, informed and always in control. You’ll soon have an MVP that gets you customers and investors!


Validating Business Model

For years I’ve worked as a consultant teaching young startup founders the Lean Startup process, how to ask the right questions and validating their business model. So whether you just came up with an idea, or you’ve been thinking about it your entire life- I can help you create and validate your business model. From understanding your target customer, to understanding what goes into a Minimal Viable Product- I’ll work with you every step of the way.


UI & UX Designs

Although I got my degree in Computer Science, I have an eye for design! I love digital design and taught myself user interface and user experience best practices. I use a process called Lean Design, which means I take an iterative approach to developing UI designs. By working close with you and your customers, we can create an application that your users will love to look at, and love to use! These designs become the blueprints for when we start coding the application.


Web & Mobile MVP Development

Yes… I do code! I specialize in web and mobile technologies. Simply put, I work with web apps like Facebook, twitter, mint, etc. and can build native iOS and Android applications that utilize a web-based backend. If none of that makes any sense to you, no worries! I have a B.S. Degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M, have personally written over 100k lines of code, across 15 different programming languages. Rest assured I am an expert in the web and mobile application space and I can bring your idea to market!


Startup Development

After your idea is validated, UI designs complete and code written, your startup doesn’t stop there! Now comes the hard part of growing and scaling your idea. This is where all aspects of a business come into play- marketing, sales, human resources. If you need funding, now is the time to look for investors. I’ll help you make the crtitial business decisions that will lead to growth, investors, and success!

Get hockey stick growth that investors jump on



I am proud of every project I complete and I love to share my work with the world. After every project, I create a webpage showcasing the business and technical needs- as well as a video that highlights the work done.


If you’ve ever done a DIY job, you probably spent some time thinking about project costs (or not…?). HouzzBudget is a Ruby on Rails project budgeting application that helps you seamlessly create and manage a budget!

I never built an app before. And I was nervous because my app was very complex and needed a lot of attention to detail. But the moment I started to work with Wesley I knew I found the right person. Right away I was put at ease. Wesley not only knows full-stack coding, he also great at UI/UX design, and most importantly understands the logic behind my intricate app. He delivered much more than I expected. He's worth every penny I paid him and I hope to work with Wesley again soon. Thanks Wesley! -Avraham Byers


NewBee Network

I’ve moved a whopping 24 times… NewBee Network is a new social networking platform for people moving from town to town! Meet new people, ask questions, or sell that washer before the big move.!

So many compliments about the neighborhood page. It went phenomenal, I had a line of at least 15 people waiting to speak to me afterward :) Including Whole Foods and two investors that want to move forward... It was seriously kick ass - Candice Torian

Love what you see?


Lets build an MVP your customers will love!

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How much is this going to cost?

Startup projects vary in cost, however 80% of the projects I complete fall within the range of $20k to $40k. I work with you to scope the project to a manageable size based off your specialized needs.

How do you charge?

You’re an early stage startup, and probably not made of money! That’s why I used a fixed based pricing strategy. Together, we come up with a fixed scope and fixed price for your project! You’ll never be surprised by a bill or any unexpected charge.

What if there are bugs? :(

I believe in clean and bug free code and I stand behind every line we write. I offer all of my clients a 3 month bug free guarantee! If you find one, I’ll fix it at no additional charge.

What's your workflow?

I adapt to your workflow! Whether you use Slack, Facebook messenger or Skype, I’ll work with whatever tools and flow you use. Internally I use Slack for communication, Zoom for video, and Github for project and code management.

Who owns the code?

You paid for it, so you do! After all financial obligations are taken care of- the ownership of the code belongs to you. I maintain the right to use general code snippets in future projects and the right to market the project for my business (Similar to how you see it in the portfolio section).