The Apollo
LAUNCH series
The LAUNCH series is specifically designed to help small business owners, and entrepreners bring their ideas into reality. You will learn how to take your business idea and turn it into a product your customers will love.
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In the podcast you will learn:

  • What the Lean Startup movment is and how to use it to validate your idea
  • The history of Silicon Valley, and startups in general
  • A design workflow you can use to design and prototype your one of a kind app
  • How to find investors that will help you take your idea to the next level
  • Stories of successful entreprenuers that have turned their ideas into a business

In the guide you will learn:

  • How to take your idea, validate it and turn it into a actionable plan
  • Design, prototype and test your minimum viable product
  • The three biggest platforms for software development
  • How to find a top notch developer without breaking your bank!
  • Ways to bring in some dough $$$
  • More than this list can contain!
(Coming Soon)