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Customer archetypes

I've been asked dozens of times, "who is my target customer?" I'm sick of typing it out a bunch of times, so here's a public blog post describing a single ideal client. 😊

I encourage everyone to do this activity for your own business or startup. It will allow you to paint a target right on your customer. Just steal the questions below and fill in your own answers!

  • Name: Zane Wilson
  • Age: 39
  • Gender: Male
  • Residence: Richmond, VA
  • Hair & Eye Color: Black hair with brown eyes
  • Marital Status: Married with two children, one boy, 10, and one girl, 7.
  • Education: Bachelors of Business Arts from the University of Virginia
  • Occupation: Currently Unemployed, recently left his job as a digital marketing manager at IBM
  • Revenue Streams: None, unemployed
  • Goals:
  1. Personal Goals: Ensure his wife does not have to work and can focus on being a loving mother to their two children
  2. Professional Goals: Build something meaningful in the world. Grow income with different revenue streams and transition off a 9 - 5 schedule
  3. Short & Long-Term Goals: Look for someone to help him find out what to do next. Build a company that will provide meaningful solutions to people
  • Challenges:
  1. Personal Challenges: Ensuring work life balance while pursing a new career and business
  2. Professional Challenges: Transitioning the skills learned in corporate to the the skills needed to develop own idea, and business
  • Life Beliefs: Modern christian, risk is part of success, failure makes one stronger, liberal in beliefs of social issues, passion leads to success
  • Favorite Books / Movies / TV Shows / Magazines: The One Thing, Forbes, Game of Thrown's,
  • Blogs Followed: TechCrunch
  • Google Searches: How to XYZ,
  • Conferences & Events: Networks by getting out and meeting others who market
  • Hobbies & Free Time: Amateur photography and graphic design, hosts content on a website
  • Guilty Pleasures: Binge watching Netflix and buying new gadgets and messing with them
  • Idolize: Steve Jobs, Richard Brandson, entrepreneurs, small business owners
  • Authors, Teachers & Experts: Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss
  • Brands Loved: Apple, Tesla, Disney / Pixar, DJI, Font Awesome
  • Fantasy Vacation: Backpacking through Asia, but has put this fantasy aside to focus on his family and career. Vacations to the mountains and the beach with family is typical.
  • Favorite Youtube Video: Uses youtube to search for how-to videos related to his life
  • Social Networks: Views Reddit, has a small audience on Twitter which he posts about cool articles he finds in the news and on other blogs, sees Social Media as a way to express voice.
  • Notes: Doesn't think of themselves as an entrepreneur
  • Wet Dreams: Grow a company around solving a problem he's passionate about. Happy customers and not working a standard 9 - 5 job
  • Night Terrors: Never thought building a company was possible, figured software development cost $100k or more. Not finding the right person or team to build his idea. Loosing all money that the family is supported on.

That's it! My dream customer. Rather than staring at him with googly eyes, my content will be targeted directly at him! I've never met or worked with Zane, he's complete fiction. Although I described my dream customer in great detail, that doesn't mean I'm excluding everyone that is not EXACTLY like him. But there are people similar to Zane, people that share characteristics, interests and hobbies.

This fictions character is always going through changes. I'll learn more about my market, and updates to Zane should reflect that.

If it sounds like I'm describing you, Click Here to send me an email! We'd probably make a great team 😜